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Mark Stacey as a lad nearly ouching the rim!

Welcome to the Swifts Basketball Club web site.

In 1984 a bunch of old school mates from Purley High School For Boys in Old Coulsdon Surrey got together and decided to keep trying to play basketball having just left school to embark on life in the big wide world!

A fun tournament, held by The Surrey League and played at Woking Sports Centre, proved that there was sport beyond school and these mates stayed together and formed The Swifts. In 1985 the adventure began and with that came the years of ensuing history.

This web site is dedication to all who ‘pulled on’ the vests of The Swifts – it’s a look back at what the Club was about; who played for it and what the club and players achieved.

Trying to trawl through news paper cuttings and greying memory cells has proved taxing so the caveat is that there may be time line mistakes made in inadvertent error – please feel free to contact the site and update / input your own relevant information where applicable!

Thanks for 25+ years of basketball fun –‘ keep hoopin’